Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I shake my fist at you, License to Wed!

I hate this movie. And, I hate that I hate this movie. I had high hopes for this movie. I usually love romantic comedies. I absolutely adore John Krasinski. I enjoy Mandy Moore. I can even tolerate Robin Williams. It was directed by Ken Kwapis, who is a GREAT director. But this movie? One of the worst movies, ever. And it's been on HBO for the last couple weeks, where I am unable to look away!

I think the biggest deal breaker for me? You feel so sympathetic to John Krasinski's character that you want to jump into the movie screen and tell him to run. Run far away, and never look back. Because that chick? SHE IS INSANE. All Mandy Moore's character does is whine and moan. She gets angry with him for the dumbest things, and the worst part is that at the end of the movie, HE is the one who has to apologize. HE is the one who has to make the grand gesture to get her back. WTF? All HIS character did wrong in the film was want to marry a selfish and obnoxious woman.

The entire movie is based off of the fact that this stupid woman (1) set a wedding date for 3 weeks away, and (2) also agreed to a ridiculous "wedding course" without even TALKING to her fiance! WHAT? No one would do that!

Plus, she's so hung up on the wedding vows, what the shit is that? Him not writing anything down in a freaking notebook doesn't mean that he doesn't want to marry her! UGH. He proposed, didn't he?

And Robin Williams' character? Bothered me so much that I wanted to scream. I was literally sitting in the theater about to pull my hair out because he was driving me that crazy. No reverend would be that invasive of privacy, or put people through anything like that.

I'm all about suspending my disbelief, but this one is WAY too over the top. Do yourself a favor - if you haven't seen this movie, SKIP IT.

Badly done, License to Wed, badly done.

Note to self: Finish writing screenplay, because if that shit can be produced, I should be a millionaire by now.

Is there anyone out there who actually liked this movie?


Sarah said...

I SO agree. That movie had some of the poorest writing I've ever seen. Mandy Moore is completely unlikable to a point past redemption. The audience is forced to hope that he realizes what a nutjob she is a run the other way. So sad because I really was hoping for more.

I have to say though, the worst movie ever is Because I Said So, also starring Mandy Moore. I've tried twice to watch it, but Diane Keaton is unwatchable in that.

Anonymous said...

I agree too! It could have been a really good film, but all it did was want to make me punch Robin Williams' character. And maybe slap some sense into Mandy Moore's. Crappy film! Gah, why did you have to remind me of it?!

Narm said...

I refuse to watch movies where John is not Jim from the office. I believe The Office is a reality show.