Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are making me cranky pants.

I am extremely irritated with my auto insurance today. I bought my car exactly a week ago, and have been attempting to add it to the insurance policy that my mom and I are on.

And they are being total bitches about it.

I called once last Friday.

The lady was totally rude to me, was short with me, and I ultimately got irritated with her and hung up. I know it was an irrational reaction, but I don't care.

Then I tried calling again. This time, the lady was totally cool, but I am not the main person on the policy, so I couldn't add my car. I asked if my mom could call and make a note that I am allowed to, and the lady told me that would be totally fine.

My mom called them. The lady SHE talked to asked if I was an adult. My mom said yes. She asked if I was a dependent. My mom said no. She told my mom that I couldn't be on her policy and needed to get my own.

Which is total crap!

And now I'm pissed. I still haven't been able to get my flipping car put on our policy. I know that I have a 30 day grace period, but COME ON. My mom has been a customer for 36 years... why the shit are they being this difficult!?

I shake my fist at auto insurance people.