Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are making me cranky pants.

I am extremely irritated with my auto insurance today. I bought my car exactly a week ago, and have been attempting to add it to the insurance policy that my mom and I are on.

And they are being total bitches about it.

I called once last Friday.

The lady was totally rude to me, was short with me, and I ultimately got irritated with her and hung up. I know it was an irrational reaction, but I don't care.

Then I tried calling again. This time, the lady was totally cool, but I am not the main person on the policy, so I couldn't add my car. I asked if my mom could call and make a note that I am allowed to, and the lady told me that would be totally fine.

My mom called them. The lady SHE talked to asked if I was an adult. My mom said yes. She asked if I was a dependent. My mom said no. She told my mom that I couldn't be on her policy and needed to get my own.

Which is total crap!

And now I'm pissed. I still haven't been able to get my flipping car put on our policy. I know that I have a 30 day grace period, but COME ON. My mom has been a customer for 36 years... why the shit are they being this difficult!?

I shake my fist at auto insurance people.


Sarah said...

That doesn't make any sense. *I* am still on my parent's policy and I'm freakin married. Can't anyone be on a policy together?

addy said...

I KNOW! It's absolutely stupid that they would tell my mom that. Which is why it bothers me so much - they are giving her 100% incorrect information.

Mrs. Case said...

The most ludicrous part of this entire scenario is that they are cheating themselves out of money.

If you live in CA, I have a great broker for ya. Really reasonable rates and fantastic coverage.

Demonic Blonde said...

Since I work for an insurance company, time to chime in. YES, you can be with your mom - but no its not the same policy. You are part of the household account (so long as you're related) and technically you should be living in the same residence, but thats just iffy and depends on the underwriting guidelines.

Regardless, you should be able to add yourself, as yes you are an adult, and the dependent thing is pure bs. SO - in sum, you should be fine to add a new car to the policy....and really, why they make it that difficult I just do not know. I'd just fax in your paperwork and begin emailing, rather than calling - but that's just me cause I hate the phone and have a very short leash for customer service...hate getting those bs answers (I too blow up at them, and then HANG up). This is why you have an ins. agent. They do this crap for you!