Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now open for submissions!

All right! I am now accepting rants (anonymous or not, whichever you'd like) to post on this blog! Here's what to do:

1) Write a rant.
2) Email it to me at:
3) Let me know if you would like it to be anonymous, or if you don't mind me saying who it was written by.

I'm not sure exactly how it will work - most likely, I'll post one submission a day, so depending on how many people email me, yours could be super quick to post, or take a few days. Be patient! I'll post everyone's! (Unless it's inappropriate content - I don't want spam, etc on here!)

Let the ranting begin!

1 comment:

S~DLT said...

Woo-frickin-hoo! I can't wait to rant! Now I have carte-blanche! Thank you!