Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes, this pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for the link, Shosh!


A pretty nice little Saturday said...

Oh my god! I've come this close to doing almost exactly this kind of response! (Setting: someone saying a bunch of stupid racist stuff on Facebook ending with "it's not racism, it's just statistics"). I started making spreadsheets to rip this person a new asshole, and then I realized I'd lost my mind and should try to find it.

Thank you for this reflection of self!

m. m. schnee said...

I vowed a while back that if something blog/forum related ever pissed me off, I would promptly shut down my computer, go on a run if need be, and then try to volunteer my my brain cells for something productive, like seeing a great documentary, finishing one of my non-fiction reads, etc.

The problem is, I end up creating a response in my head---then when, usually a driver, pisses me off later in the day, they get some sort of non-related diabtribe along with my fistshake/sarcastic thumbs up for their stupid manuevering. Don't get me wrong; misdirected anger is very therapeutic. But, perhaps cancels out my attemps at being productive?