Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guest rant: Curse of the comments.

Yay! Another guest rant! Sorry for the long absence... but I'm back, and with a somewhat controversial one.
Ok, here is a rant for your rant blog:

Why is it that so many of the "BIG" bloggers like to get their panties in a ruffle over comments readers leave? Half the time, it doesn't even seem like the comment left was a big deal. This leads me to believe that either their egos are way inflated and therefore they're hypersensitive, OR, they're using it as an excuse for more self-promotion and blogging material. Like, really? Someone left a possibly-shitty comment on your blog? Now you have to tell the entire world, Facebook, Twitter and your more civilized readers all about it? Naturally this is followed by a bunch of ass-kisser-readers jumping to the defense on a totally lame faux-assault. Last I checked, that's what the "delete comment" feature is for!

End rant.
So, what do you think? Is this a pet peeve of yours, too? I'm torn, because some of the comments are actually offensive, but I do read certain bloggers who have a tendency to overreact.

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Mrs. Case said...

Well, it was my rant and I'd further like to say, that it is one thing if a comment is downright rude or nasty. The blogger has every right to delete. I just think that taking that comment and giving it life by saturating your readers and other social networking sites is just plain stoopid. Makes me want to stop reading. I mean, so you got a maybe-shitty comment. Let it run itself out with your other commenters, or delete it. You don't need to rehash it fifty times and shove it down everyone's throats that you got it. Yesterday I had 5 fucking tweets from someone who got a tame comment that they CHOSE to take to heart.