Thursday, June 19, 2008

I might just start pulling out my hair.

Co-worker: Hey... I'm just going to grab this copy of (movie) so I can make you a new DVD.
me: I've already delivered it, that one is the old one with the profanities.
Co-worker: Oh... Can you get the new one back?
me: You guys should be able to pull the file off the server, right?
Co-worker: Um, yeah, I guess. I mean, it takes a little longer. (pause) Are you sure this isn't the tape?
me: Yes. I delivered the tape. That one is the old one.
Co-worker: Because that one looks exactly like the one I gave you.
me: You gave me two. One before the profanities were fixed, and one after.
Co-worker: Can I take this one and check?
me: I told you, I delivered the good version, please make the DVD off the server file.
Co-worker (lingering by my desk)
me: Look, this one says it was output on 6/4. The one I delivered was output on 6/12. Just let me know when the DVD is done, ok?


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Caught Eating Butter said...

Ugh, office life! I linked over from Fabulously Broke. She always has the best blog finds!