Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's called checking your work.

You should try it sometime!

Once again, here is something that highly irritates me. It's a lack of respect for the work you deliver. We have a department at my office that continually screws up projects. It sucks, too, because I dearly and genuinely like all of the members of this department on a personal level. But at the same time, I am constantly kicking projects back to them for fixes - a misspelled word, incorrect numbers on slate, no visible time code when there should be, or just a sloppy job overall.

And it never gets better. I should know by now by the number of times I've been burned by them that I need to personally check everything before I send anything out. But where's that time supposed to come from? And my point is that I shouldn't HAVE to do that! I should be able to rely on my departments to deliver something worthy of the standards we demand.

I really wish they would get their shit together, check their work, and have pride in their work so that the projects they deliver are correct and complete.

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FB @ said...

Sloppy jobs and inept sonsofbitches piss me off at work.

As evidenced by my latest posts... LOL

I love this blog - added you :D