Friday, April 17, 2009

Hang up your phone, lady!

This morning I was driving to work on PCH and this woman almost swerved into me.

She was talking on her cell phone.

Not surprising.

Then she actually had the audacity to gesture at ME as if I had been at fault. For her being distracted and almost hitting my (still sort of) new car.

Eventually, we got to the portion of PCH near the CA Incline in Santa Monica where motorcycle cops are known to hide out to nab people exceeding the 45 mph limit. Which is a ridiculously dumb limit, anyway, since the only time it's actually dangerous to go faster there are too many cars out to drive more than 30 mph, but that's a story for another day.

The hide-a-cops that hang out there will pull you over for ANYTHING, even things that cops normally might not pull you over for. Going over 50 mph, making an illegal u-turn, not wearing your seat belt, swerving a little too harshly, having a tail light out. Just about anything you can think of.

So, I maintained my speed at a respectable 48 mph.

This woman, who had fallen a few cars behind, quickly caught up to the rest of us since we'd all slowed down a bit, and then slammed on her brakes when she realized where she was.

She obviously drove the road often enough to know about the hide-a-cops.

But the best part?

She stayed on her cell phone the ENTIRE time.

Which, last time I checked, is illegal in CA.

Why even bother slowing down if you're still doing something you can get pulled over for?

I shake my fist at you, bad driver on your cell phone lady! And I just might hate you a little bit, too.


S~DLT said...

I think this lady almost just hit me too! (shaking fist)

PunkRoqPrncess said...

Crazy LA drivers! If she has been that road enough times like you think, she's bound to get caught one of these days :)

Shosh said...

Oh, this happened to me the other day...GRRRRRRR. Buy a blue tooth! They aren't that expensive!