Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At least you're regular?

And the guest posts are slowly trickling in! I actually got this submission a few weeks ago, but I have been neglecting this blog, so it's taken me a while to get around to this one! I swear I'll be better in the future. :-)
I understand schedules, I do. I am in awe of the human body clock, and yours is on time. Is it ever on time. Every day you get to work, turn on your computer and get ready for the day. Every day you walk in to our single stall bathroom and do your business. Every day! You are in there FOREVER, so it makes it hard not to notice. You are the first person first thing in the morning to stink it up with your "regularness". If you are that regular, can't you train it to be done at home? Oh, and make sure you flush all the way or clean the bowl...I'm tired of your poo crumbs and skid marks on the bottom of the bowl. Cochina!


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

I didn't submit this, but it so sounds like something I would. Especially the part about suggesting you just go at home if you're THAT regular. I feel like Larry David when I think like that, but I can't help it. LOVE this post, haha!

S~DLT said...

Oh man! There is one in every office. I know who ours is!!

shine said...

Okay, I didn't write this, but it applies to EVERYONE IN MY OFFICE AND WE ONLY HAVE ONE BATHROOM.

I call it "Morning Poo Time." And then I cry.

Please poo at home. I do.