Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stop calling me!!!

Hi, College I Went To Alumnus Program?

I understand that your sole purpose is to harass former students for money.

I understand that it's uncomfortable to cold call people for money when our economy is in the shitter.

But, if you REALLY wanted money from me? You would make an effort to say my damn name correctly.

I realize it's a toughie. But if you can't even pronounce "Adriana," you are totally fucked. Because there's no way in hell I'm giving you money after you so badly butcher my name that even my mother wouldn't know who you were asking for.

Also - NO, I don't want to update my contact information.

Oh, but why not?

Because you hit me up for enough money, even though I already gave you over $40,000 to go to your school in the first place.

Screw off, and stop calling me.



Angela said...

AMEN! I graduated 2 whole months ago and they haven't gotten to calling directly to ask for money, but instead beg me to buy tickets for university events. How many sporting events did I willingly attend while a student? 1. Of course that indicates that I would LOVE to buy scads of tickets now! lol

S~DLT said...

I think your Alumnus people have the same phone number bank as the "Your-Warranty-Is-About-To-Expire" people.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Ouch. I kind of feel indebted to my alma mater for giving me so many opportunities once I got out into the real world. In the years when I couldn't give monetarily, I volunteered for the local alumni club chapter.

But, to each their own. So, just as you have a right not to want to give back to your university, they do have a right to ask (what's the worst that can happen - you'll say no!). Why don't you just ignore calls from a certain area code / phone number. And if it's someone you actually know, they'll leave a message.

addy said...

Yeah, I understand that they need to call - and I actually am not against giving them money. But they called my mom's house looking for me, and she finally told them I don't live there after the third time. Then they called me and left a message. So the call I finally answered was their FIFTH call in less than a week.

And unfortunately, the area code is the same as a lot of people I need to speak with, so I can't just ignore all calls from there. It was just frustrating!

Demonic Blonde said...

At least they don't call you at your number and ask for your parents. I got that one a few weeks back. I asked them why they wanted my parents, calling me. And of course their response was.. "Um..." yeah. I also called them out as I'm STILL A STUDENT, and ALREADY PAY TUITION.

They better not call back. :P

m. m. schnee said...

Mondays are my catching up on Adri's blogs day, can you tell?

I am still laughing right now:

But if you can't even pronounce "Adriana," you are totally fucked.

So you. So spicy Italian. I heart it.

Thimble Publishing said...

Andrea, I completely understand your frustration with people inaccurately pronouncing your name. After all, just because you share similar sounds with approximately 37 other names in the English language doesn't mean yours should be confused. Especially when these callers are able to read the name in plain black and white. UNLESS English is not their first language. Then I can see the problem. Have you considered changing your name for the purpose of telemarketing? You could go by Jill instead. Has a nice sound, don't you think?

*NOTE: Just messing with you -- I know it's "Adriana" AND I can pronounce it. It rhymes with "Fabian." :-)

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