Thursday, May 7, 2009


The one thing you always notice about going out in Los Angeles are the annoying and crazy people who are also going out in Los Angeles.

While going out last night at a small John Mayer show at Hotel Cafe, we saw:

1) At LEAST 12 men wearing plaid (My dude and John Mayer included). It was hilarious, because literally 1 in 4 men we saw were in plaid. My dude was mortified that he was dressed in a "trendy" fashion, and vowed several times throughout the evening to never wear plaid again. Which makes me sad, because I love his flannel. And made him mad, because he's been wearing plaid consistently since 1994, and how dare those assholes take his trend?

2) Four total douchebags in front of us in line who were "Twittering" about the experience. Of standing in line. While nothing happened. Then, something DID happen - John Mayer arrived in his car! (Ooooooh. OMG IN HIS CAR!) Shortly thereafter the following line was overheard. "I'm totally Twittering what kind of car John Mayer showed up in right now." Oh, how I wish I were kidding.

3) Three middle-aged ladies behind us in line who were entirely too "in to" John Mayer. Look, there had to be some, but these ladies were doing their best at giving the Mayercraft crazies a run for their money. At one point, we sort of heard that the show had started, and one of them exclaimed "I totally can feel it. He just started playing. I felt it." Then, they were talking about calling John Mayer "J May," because they were "that close." And THEN, there were the two goofball guys who came outside and loudly (and sarcastically) exclaimed "OMG you made out with JOHN MAYER!" These girls? Were like, "Really????" I think I may have actually smacked my own forehead in disbelief over that one.

4) Two "gentlemen of the night" shopping their wares at Hollywood and Cahuenga.

5) The crazy hoochie mama in the short, tropics print gauze dress and 5 inch heels. Did i mention it was REALLY windy last night?

Ahh... going out in LA is always such an adventure.


S~DLT said...

Sounds pretty typical. ;)

Chris said...

...and that's why I hate Twitter.

Sarah said...

Tell Sean plaid will be out ANY day now, don't worry.

Regarding the cougars, you shoulda yelled, you could never be Jennifer Aniston, so go home!!

PunkRoqPrncess said...

wow this post was pretty entertaining.