Friday, April 18, 2008

Attention co-workers.

Attention co-workers:

While it is perfectly acceptable to play music at your desk during the day, please keep it to a reasonable volume. If I am sitting at my desk more than 30 feet away, I should not be able to hear your weird music as if you were next to me with a boombox on your shoulder. Turn it down, or put on some damn headphones!

Also, even though I might not recognize the music you are playing, I do recognize when you play the same song numerous times.

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Rachel/The Sheriff said...

Many years ago I would play Dave Matthews Band at my desk all day (at a reasonable volume) and I used to joke that the little 50-something Hispanic man who sat on the opposite side of my cube wall was going to know every DMB song by the time all was said and done - haha.