Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I actually hate Westlake.

I think I may have mentioned before that I hate driving through Westlake. People there are super snobby and self entitled, and it shows in their driving. And it's getting progressively worse, but that's an entire other story.

Back to the original reason for my post. I was driving home today, and was in about mile 6 of my 40 mile drive when a black Nissan Murano cut me off (without using his blinker, of course). Now, I was early in my drive, so this only mildly annoyed me - I just shook my head in annoyance, switched lanes myself (using my blinker, of course) and continued on my way.

Traffic wasn't BAD, but it was rough enough, and I still made ok time to get home. But then a dude on a motorcycle started doing all these tricks and fancy maneuvers IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC, and I started to get more irritated. And then it happened.

The same black Nissan Murano did the same thing again! And this time it was worse! He comes out of nowhere, swervs into my lane, then slams on his breaks, because, hi, we were in traffic and he needs to stop! This time, I got really mad. Not road-rage-pull-out-a-gun mad or anything, but definitely shake-my-fist-at-you mad (I really did shake my fist at him).

I changed lanes again because my exit was coming up and watched as he did the same thing to at least three other cars. At this point, my anger got the best of me and I sped up to see who the heck this guy is. And it's this douche-bag looking middle aged man, talking on his stupid little Bluetooth, not paying attention to a damn thing around him.

And what exit did he get off on? That's right, Westlake Blvd.


Nikkii Hershey said...

westlake people are not jerks just cuz one person cut you off! and you dont even know that he lived there!

addy said...

I grew up near Westlake, and yes they are. They also don't use punctuation or spell words completely, obviously.