Thursday, May 1, 2008

That's not my name, ok?

I was reading a random blog I found today and came across a post called "My name ain't Lexi." I read it, laughed, then went to comment on it, and discovered I had quite a few things to say about the topic! See, this girl's name is Alexa, and people she works with call her "Lexi," which she doesn't like. I identify, of course, because my full name is Adriana, and I hate when people I don't know call me "Adri."

It's a fine line - I have lots of friends who call me "Adri." It's a nickname from high school, and I get it. You shorten my name because it's long and weird and whatever. I'm totally cool with my good friends calling me this, because they KNOW my full name, and use it when necessary.

I don't like when people I don't know call me "Adri." I also hate being introduced as "Adri." But again, if it's my friends, I'll deal, because I'm not a raging bitch and at the end of the day, it's just a flippin nickname.

But at work, I don't go by "Adri." I go by my full name, "Addy," or "Ade," as my friend Desi sometimes calls me. But there is one girl, Jeanette, who insists on calling me "Adri."

At first, she was new, so I didn't know how to correct her, since I'm actually a pretty nice person who doesn't like correcting people when they don't know any better. But it went on and on, and eventually I figured out a way to jokingly bring up how I don't go by "Adri" at work. I explained to her how I go by Adriana at work, and how her calling me "Adri" is similar to me shortening her nice, pretty name to "Jean," or even "Net" or something. (my mom's name is Jean, by the way, and it's a very nice name, so please don't be offended if your name is Jean)

We had a nice little conversation, and I thought she got it, but she continued to call me "Adri!" I finally just gave up, because obviously it's not something that's going to change anytime soon. She has since left the company for bigger and better things, so I guess sometimes there are things you just have to ride out. But today I'm feeling particularly cranky, and after reading Alexa's blog, I just had to mention it.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

first off, i'm glad my "lexy" post could turn into quite the rant for you : )

second off you KNOW i feel ya.

Nilsa S. said...

I love this post. Because, while my name is already short, it's different. And people don't like different.

My closest inner circle shortens Nilsa to Nils. Yes, they really do. I have a lot of lazy friends and family, can't you tell.

But, the litany of WRONG names I get from strangers ... well, maybe I'll just write about this next week myself. Thanks for the idea (even though I had also read Alexa's post earlier this week!).

PunkRoqPrncess said...

I totally understand what you mean! I love my name and hate it when people try to shorten my name to "Liz" or "Lizzy". THATS NOT MY NAME!! it turns out that the people who end up shortening my name dont know me that well at all anyway.

Rachel/The Sheriff said...

I hate when someone you don't know closely decides to shorten your name or give you a nickname - it's so annoying!

I have no problem correcting people though because a name is a big deal - what people screw up on me is if they know my LAST name - Rosemire - they OFTEN call me Rosemary - which isn't even my last name - so it's not right AT ALL - and it greatly annoys me.