Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bugger off, counterfeiters!

On Sunday I went to our local Pavillions for some bread to make French Toast. I got $20 cash back, and the teller gave it to me in $10s. One was super washed out, and he commented that it must have gone through the laundry a few times.

Cut to today. I'm getting my car washed, and belatedly realize that I only have one single to tip the guys with. I go back into the gas station and ask for change for the $10 that I have left, the weird looking one. The guy goes to give me change, then looks at me strangely. Then takes the bill and runs it through some little machine. It was a freaking COLOR COPY of a $10 bill! WTF!!!!

The guy hassled me for a minute before warning me to be careful with the bill. I somehow convinced him to let me keep it... it took me a full 15 minutes to figure out where I'd gotten it - I had to literally retrace my steps for the entire weekend to figure out who gave it to me.

I am really mad, mostly at myself - how did I not notice this when the guy gave me the bill??? How was I so preoccupied to get home and make French Toast that I didn't notice a flipping piece of paper with a (very convincing) color copy of a $10 bill??? How did I not notice when I handed him the damn thing???

UGH! I shake my fist at you, counterfeiters!!!!

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