Friday, May 23, 2008

There is a strongly worded letter involved.

I was having a busy day at work, so I decided to put up one of my favorite black & white photos from Italy over on my other blog for my post of the day. I went to log into Media Max, where I had all of my backup files stored, and OH! LOOK! It's no longer Media Max! It's now some lame, ridiculous excuse for a "social networking site" called The Linkup. (I'm not even going to link these here, as I normally would, because I am SO mad.)

Apparently, they made the switch back in April, and, without my knowledge, ALL OF MY FILES WERE DELETED. I am so angry I want to scream and kick and hunt down whomever is responsible for this and poke them with a stick until they figure out a way for me to get my files back. Since they are located in San Diego, and I'm not leaving work for those pukes, I was forced to settle with writing an email. While I tried to sound mature and appropriate with my emails to American Airlines when they lost my luggage, I do not give a crap about Media Max, and therefore did not censor myself when writing.

To whom it may concern,

I just tried to log into my Media Max account to pull down some files and photos I had stored there, and guess what? I couldn't! I was a free Media Max user. Apparently, all of my files were deleted as of 4/25, without my knowledge.

I am LIVID about this. I was never notified there would be a switch in companies. I never received an email saying my account would be closed. I trusted your site to store my files and photographs so that I could free up space on my hard drive, and they were deleted without a word.

When researching this issue today, I found the blogs you have set up for both Media Max and The Linkup, neither of which I had ANY prior knowledge of. And, looking back, I found this passage:

"Current non-paying users: If you are not currently a paying subscriber to MediaMax, you need to upgrade your MediaMax account before April 25 to be included in the move. Otherwise, your account will be closed and all your files will be removed."

Badly done, Media Max. I should have been informed long before this occurred, so that I could transfer all of my files off of your site. This is a ridiculous betrayal of what you promised as a company when I signed up for your service.

Fortunately, I am paranoid of all things Internet, and backed up everything on an external hard drive as well. So, technically, I didn't "lose" my files. But STILL. What if that HAD been the only place I had them? What if there were important documents that I now never had access to again??? WTF is wrong with people!


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

I would be SUPER pissed too! I keep all of my files on my computer and just get a HUGE hard drive and second one to back it up every night - hard drives are so cheap nowdays and I don't trust anyone else! Sorry to hear about it.

Candace said...

That post almost made me want to throw up until i got to the end! I'm so happy those photos are not lost forever!