Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attention co-workers.

Attention co-workers:

(1) If you are in need of a cup, and there are none on the counter, they can be found in the cabinet below. Also, if you go to grab one from there, it is perfectly acceptable to put more on the counter where you know they should be.

(2) If you are in need of more napkins, and you are going to take the time to open a new package of them, feel free to put more out for everyone to enjoy.

(3) If there are two trash recepticles available, and one is clearly marked "Recycling ONLY: Bottles and Cans," this is not the one in which to place the trash from your salmon lunch.

(4) The proper proceedure for using individual creamers is as follows - open creamer, dump into coffee, place empty creamer container in TRASH CAN. (note: the counter is not a trash can, and therefore, empty creamers should not be left there)

(5) If you place a dirty dish in the sink, it is yours to wash. Unfortunately, our budget does not run to kitchen help, and we are left to our own devices to keep it clean. In addition, dirty dishes left in the sink for more than two weeks will be thrown away, due to the mold and filfth that is now coating them.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! That's Brilliant!

Why is that ok? What the hell is wrong with the people we work with? Lazy Bastards!!

Rachel/The Sheriff said...

I chuckle at every one of your posts because we are SO SIMILAR - haha.

The slobs in office buildings used to drive me nuts - I was that jerk leaving notes and calling everyone out because I couldn't stand it!!

addy said...

Oh, I leave notes all the time. I hate doing it, because I had a roomie who did that once and it drove me crazy... but no one responds otherwise!