Monday, July 21, 2008

Excuse me, lady?

Just because you don't like the parking spot that has been assigned to you, it's not cool to park in our spots. See, our spots are "first come, first serve." And there are four spots that seven people get to take their shot at getting. So, you taking one of those, instead of your own? This is not really ok.

Also, you would argue that one of us can just have your spot. Only our security? They don't like when we do that. In fact, we've all received emails that specifically tell us we're ONLY allowed to park in our four spots.

So please. Park in your spot, even if the tree gets stuff on your car. Because it's yours. It has your name on it. It's nicely in the shade. And then? We won't shake our fists at you as you walk away.

1 comment:

Demonic Blonde said...

My thought on this one is that it is not a fist shaking moment. It's more a finger gesture/demonstration moment.