Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just a quick one because I am super busy today catching up on my Google Reader. Oh yeah, and working.

I work 7am - 4pm.

It's an arrangement that I worked out with my boss and company when school started last September and it took me over 2 hours to get to work one morning.

A lot of my work needs to be done before noon, and I work with our East Coast office often enough that it was beneficial all around to work 7am - 4pm.

So, anyway. 7am - 4pm. I love it. I love being here early, I love working by myself, and I get SO much done before other people start trickling in around 9am. By 9:30am, I have most of my daily crap done and am available for the troubleshooting that is the majority of my job lately.

But the problem? Leaving at 4pm. People who don't work with me directly and know the score are always like, why the fuck does she always get to leave at 4pm? I have to be here till after 6pm!

BECAUSE I GET HERE THREE HOURS BEFORE YOU DO. That's why. Mind your own damn business. Don't be all giving me stink eye because I made an arrangement that works for me and everyone I deal with directly!

It bugs me SO much. You don't know what arrangements I have. You don't know my life!


Anonymous said...

You should just feel sorry for the morons because they're so obviously unhappy with they're own schedule.
You could be working less and getting paid less, you could be arriving earlier, you could be working from home, there are so many reasons you could be leaving earlier. But some people just love to feel badly done by... Idiots.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I LOVE 7-4. If only every company let me go on site from 7-4, I'd be so much more productive...

Alas, it's 8-5 :(