Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not in the office!

Here's a tip for all you office 9-5ers out there:

If you want to eat fish for lunch, COOK IT ELSEWHERE. It is NOT cool to go into an office building that has no windows that open, and recycled air, and stink up the entire place with your re-heated fish. I don't care what kind of fish it it. I don't care if it is healthy for you. Neither of these things keep it from smelling horribly. The bottom line is that you are torturing people with the stinky, disgusting smell of your food.

Because here's the thing. You heat up your food, and then take it outside, or take it to your office. We sit out here. In the open. No office doors to block exterior smells. And your fish? That shit lingers. I could go to lunch, pass a skunk and a garbage landfill, and still come back to an office that smells worse than the bottom of a trash can at the marina.


Rachel/The Sheriff said...

I have an EXTREME sensitive sense of smell and I agree with you 100% on this one! Curry was my other office food annoyance - ugh!

addy said...

Me too! I think that's the problem - I can't deal with the smell of fish in the first place, so in closed spaces where I can't escape? *shudder*