Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quit poking your nose in!

I hate when people send useless emails about things that have no concern to them.

You're copied on that email because the person who sent it is a lazy ass who didn't want to spend an extra 0:30 seconds trying to figure out who to go to, and sent it to everyone he could think of instead.

Obviously, that promo is being scheduled. Obviously, it's not being delivered and then sitting around. If you weren't responsible for it in the past, what makes you think that you suddenly have to waste valuable time annoying the crap out of me for something that has nothing to do with you?

Fuck off, people. Do your jobs, and stay out of mine!



Sarah said...

I have a CW who never looks to see if other people were sent an email. She assumes everything was sent just to her. So then she'll forward to me even though I was cc'ed the first time. ugh!!

Allison M. said...

The best, by far in my opinion, are the staff-wide e-mails. Those are the best! "Someone please put the easel back." "Where is the video camera?" HA! I'm laughing just thinking about it.